Global Game Jam 2024 submission of the team "Funky Nibble":

Your manager has decided to replace all your colleagues in his famous Dutch café with robots! You are the only waiter left and are pretty mad about the whole situation. Make your boss regret replacing everyone in the café with machines, and sabotage all the deliveries!

Think Overcooked, but instead of delivering the right orders to the right customers, your goal is to mess them up and prevent your small machine colleagues from doing their job properly. Misdeliver every order, and steal from the little robots to maximize the amount of misfortune, all built in a serene, aquarelle-based environment.

You can use either the keyboard or a gamepad to play the game. Use WASD to move around and E to pick up and deliver plates, or the left joystick together with the A (or X) button.

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